Optimize Your Printing Cost

Example 1

Example 2

Optimize and reduce your print cost with SOCOimaging

My intent is to help each of my customers get the very best from their images. I personally review and print every image.

• I use Epson OEM inks for the best reproduction, never third party inks

• All the papers and Canvas I use are archival

• All Canvas prints include 3 coats of Premier Art Shield

• My cost are based on square footage of paper not the number of prints.

• My minimum Sq Footage is 4.

• Gang your images into a file to optimize the square footage.

• Base your page size on 17”, 24” 36” and 44” by whatever length you need.

Example 1

You need one 11 x 14 print

Create a page 24”x24” and gang your images to fill.


You pay the same for the one image or the 4 images. They don’t have to be the same image or the same size.

Example 2

You need one 16”x20” print.

You pay for the minimum 4 sq ft cost, $24.

Create a page 17”x42 and place two 16”x20”images.

 You pay for 4.96 sq ft or $29.75